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Andy lives and works in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, and draws on a wide range of subject matter for his work.

He has more recently specialised in landscapes, water, and 'cityscapes'...and a number of these newer works are featured on this website.

Most of his work is 'alla prima' (completed in one session), and the paints are therefore usually 'wet on wet', regularly using 'impasto' (paint applied in thick layers, showing the stroke of the palette knife, and randomly leaving ridges).  Further techniques Andy employs to achieve the desired results in his works are 'scraping back', 'blending' and 'pulling' the paint.

 " work is from my imagination, or inspired by images that appeal to me on different levels. On occasion, I will simply start a painting with no preconceptions at all, apart from perhaps a vague subject idea - and then see where the journey takes me.
These can often be the most exciting paintings. Shapes, lines, tones, and colours will all combine, and if I allow the palette knife to lead me, I will usually find a path to go down....There is little precision in any of my paintings, as I always prefer the random and unexpected element to dominate......."
Andy went to school, and was brought up, in Norfolk. On leaving school he won a place at The Royal Academy of Music, where he studied guitar for four years winning The Julian Bream Prize, and The John Mundy Prize. He was invited to join The English Guitar Quartet shortly after leaving the academy, and has toured and recorded with the EGQ for many years, alongside a busy teaching schedule, and his art work.


Have a quick listen to the EGQ below....!

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